A Health and Safety Audit of workplaces and their associated operations is a way of periodically checking if and how they are complying with requirements of the Occupational Safety and HealthAct, 2007

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Environmental Auditing

An Environmental Audit (EA) is the systematic documentation, periodic and objective evaluation of activities and processes of an operating business, to establish if the business complies with environmental requirements and is enforcing legislation.

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This is done in order to ensure that occupiers always provide safe and fire risk
reduced work environment for workers, neighbors and other stakeholders besides benefiting the surrounding environment.

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This includes:-

  • OSH Training for committee members
  • First Aid Training
  • Basic Fire Safety Training
  • Food Safety Audits and Training

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Risk assessment is a process in which hazard are evaluated. These evaluations determine whether an exposed population is at greater-than-expected risk of injury, and/or ill-health, or whether therewill be equipment and machinery damage that leads to lost production etc

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Occupational Noise Survey and Mapping

Noise measurements should be undertaken at least once every twelve months in every workplace in order to determine the prevailing noise conditions where there are noise emission sources.
Diligence Consultants Ltd conducts the occupational and environmental noise survey, in addition advance practical and economically viable recommendations in eliminating noise hazard are proposed.

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Energy Management Audit

The objective of energy management takes a fresh unbiased look at the facility’s physical and operational conditions with an eye for wasted energy.

Quick assessment of the situation, followed by corrective action often brings considerable savings with minimal capital outlay. The survey may also point out operational procedures and energy systems that may require more thorough analysis to properly identify the money saving opportunities. The Energy Plant Survey follows the yearly assessment of energy use (Historical Audit) and the implementation of daily recording of all energy, water and chemical inputs. The Historical Audit data and daily records will provide the baseline consumption data against which to gauge the success of energy conservation efforts in the plant or buildings.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental impact assessment is undertaken in pursuant with section 58 of the Environmental Management and Coordination Act, 1999. “….any person, being the proponent of a project, shall, before, finance, commencing, proceeding with, carrying out, executing or conducting or causing to be financed,commenced, proceeded with, carried out, executed or conducted by another…” “Environmental impact assessment” means a systematic examination conducted to determine whether or not a programme, activity or project will have any adverse impacts on the environment.

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Other Consultancy Services

Diligence Consultants Ltd also conducts the following:

  1. 1. ISO (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007) Training and Implementation
  2. Air quality measurements
  3. Electrical safety audits
  4. Electrical safety training
  5. Confined Space Entry Training
  6. Training on work at height and heavy lifting
  7. Gender training
  8. Chemical Safety Training
  9. Machinery Safety Training
  10. Supervisory Skills Training
  11. Industrial relations training
  12. Asbestos containing material Management;
  13. EHS site supervision for construction sites;
  14. EHS Compliance gap analysis/audits;
  15. Development of EHS Legal Register;
  16. Legionella Risk Assessment, training and Sampling;
  17. Development and documentation of EHS Procedures
  18. Specialized food safety trainings e.g. bioterrorism
  19. Occupational medical examinations (cholinesterase tests, general medical examination, audiometric tests, lung function test, urine test etc.)
  20. Vibration, illumination and dust surveys
  21. Supply, installation and service of firefighting equipment
  22. Supply of Personal Protective Equipment(PPEs)
  23. Supply and installation of safety signage
  24. Developing of emergency response procedures and evacuation plans
  25. Employee, customer and work environment surveys

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